About us

We create exceptional photography for advertising, corporate and editorial clients. Although we specialize in photographing people on location, we are quite adept at shooting in the studio environment as well. Our wide range of experience also incorporates photographing architectural exteriors and interiors.

We have worked for many advertising agencies, making photos for models, products & calendars. We have also worked with design firms and public relations agencies in India, Caribbean and across Europe.

Using sensitivity, respect and heaping helpings of humor, our team is always able to relax and gain the trust and confidence of our subjects, thus, capturing their inner personality and essence within exceptional photos. Whether they are CEOs, celebrities or real people, we have a knack for making those involved in the shoot, resulting in everyone contributing to the pleasant task of making striking imagery.

If you have an event coming up, you’ll be happy to know that our team has many photojournalistic skills to create candid and lively pictures that capture the magic moments of various corporate events, parties, conventions and trade shows. Our team can also create stunning portraits in a multitude of styles including environmental, formal, candid’s and casual lifestyle.